Clarity and confidence for the future of sustainable agriculture

We are pioneering the potential of digital imagery for more predictable and profitable decision-making for agriculture and the environment.

For Crop Production

Empowering agri-input providers, advisors, and agricultural services with a new generation of precision intelligence for crop management. Offering unparalleled accuracy for more predictable and profitable yields and more sustainable growth.

For Food Supply and Security

Transforming how food producers, suppliers, supermarkets, and brokers solve problems and identify risks in security, efficiency and sustainability for farm to fork delivery.

For Environment and Natural Resources

Partnering with Corporate ESG initiatives, Government and NGOs to build a cleaner, more sustainable, future to assure diversity, control carbon emissions and protect the planet.

what we do

Proveye is an AI-powered digital image analysis platform. It employs proprietary market-leading image correction technology to produce a faster, more accurate picture of what happened, what’s happening, and what might happen.

Speed and accuracy of image-based insights are key to unlocking higher returns and reducing risk. With Proveye, our customers can make more timely and informed decisions at leaf, field, and national scale.

Proveye offers unprecedented clarity, uncovering opportunities and solving challenges that were previously out of reach.


A step-change for accuracy in agricultural intelligence

our platform

Image Sources

By aggregating image data from multiple systems and multiple sensor types, Proveye enables unique perspectives at multiple scales to provide the most complete picture possible.

Proveye Platform

Proveye’s industry-leading strength in raw image processing offers faster and more accurate image analysis, delivering better and more timely insights to our customers.

Customer Outcomes

Proveye’s intelligent analytics directly solves a range of challenges including maximising yield, optimising gross margins, and crop management planning as well as as enhancing food security and the environment.

The Proveye founding team brings a wealth of experience in precision agriculture and environmental monitoring where success depends on making sense of complex data.

Proveye was developed out of a frustration the founders had with using image data in agriculture. Poor quality made it almost impossible to extract and use valuable insights restricting the massive potential of image data to transform the agriculture industry.

Proveye is growing fast and we’re always on the lookout to add to our team of diverse, passionate people who share the dream of building something great and meaningful to our customers.

about us

Proveye an Irish AgTech company which is pioneering the use of digital image data for both agriculture and environment protection, today announced that it has been awarded €225,000 by the European Space Agency (ESA). This contract will support the company’s commercialisation of its grassland management platform. The funding will support the company during the commercialisation of its grassland management solution. Proveye integrates Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), satellite and AI technology into a single platform that represents a generational shift in accuracy and clarity for grassland mapping and composition analysis for agricultural advisors, seed suppliers, and agri-input providers.

September 13, 2022

Proveye Wins Landmark Contract with the European Space Agency

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